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Lowcountry Shadows

Jan 19, 2019

The afterlife isn't all what Jim expects it to be....

Jan 14, 2019

> Listen up and pay attention you uneducated swine. I'm sick and tired of you drek balls approaching me in the street or at my work or home and harassing me about paracritters. So, instead of making the trip here and ruining my day, just stay tuned and learn something. 


> The Veterinarian

Jan 8, 2019

Sugar gives chase to the enemy runner team, leaving the others behind to take care of the Whitens... What's that smell? Burnt edge?

Dec 22, 2018

I wanted to call last episode "Shot Through The Heart" in honor of Jim... Also, dastardly enemy runners try to clean up Mrs. J's mess...

Dec 15, 2018

The team has a "Come to Dunkelzahn" meeting that ends explosively...